Best CAT Coaching in Chennai and CAT classes in Chennai for CAT 2020

Best CAT Coaching in Chennai for CAT 2020

Classes at Velachery and Gopalapuram

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CAT Coaching in Chennai for CAT 2020 + Online Course

The CAT 2020 classes for CAT coaching in Chennai is an integrated course which includes

1. Intensive weekend classroom program that runs till October 2020.
2. The best Online coaching for CAT in the Country. (Check out the reviews on Quora)

Imagine a CAT Coaching course that can teach you exactly what was taught in the class, at any time of the day and any number of times you want. This is what makes the program all the more compelling. Taken together online and classroom CAT coaching complement each other in every possible manner - be it to take a quick glance of the concepts before class or to revisit whatever that was handled in the class - the Integrated course ticks all the boxes. In essence, the Online-Classroom course Combination offers a killer proposition for those who want the interaction of the classroom course and the flexibility of the online course. We at 2IIM are the only providers in India who can offer an integrated course for CAT. Entire CAT Exam Syllabus is covered from the basics.

The Online CAT Coaching course for CAT 2020 if bought separately costs: Rs. 32,000 (inclusive of 18% GST)
For students enrolling into 2IIM’s integrated CAT Coaching in Chennai program, the online course will be made available at zero additional cost.

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CAT Coaching in Chennai for CAT 2020 + Online Course - New Batch



6th October
Weekend Batch


  •   Sunday 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
  •   Sunday 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Course Price - Rs.48,000
    Rs. 44,000(inclusive of GST)

  •  Phone 1: +91 74060 48484!
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5th October
Weekend Batch


  •   Saturday 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  •   Sunday 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Course Price - Rs.48,000
    Rs. 44,000(inclusive of GST)

  •  Phone 1: +91 74060 48484!
  • WhatsApp Now

IIM Indore IPM Coaching in Chennai by the best tutors


Why 2IIM for CAT Coaching in Chennai

Expert Faculty

Ever had to ask a counsellor "Which branch has the best faculty?"

With 2IIM, you won't ever have that concern. We work with a very small hand-picked (by Rajesh) faculty team, who take (and crack) the exam every-year and know exactly what it is all about. The same faculty members teach at all our centres. No random B.Sc. Math graduate handles our advanced quant classes - only a 100 percentiler does. Which other coaching behemoth can say the same?

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Shortcuts? Gimmicks? Vedic Maths? Pah!

We adamantly refuse to skip over the basics in our classes. We firmly believe that strong fundamentals are the key to cracking this exam (that's how we do it ourselves!) We teach the best methods to solve problems, and we demystify shortcuts to make sure a student's fundamentals are strong. A strong foundation can weather any question the exam throws at you; gimmicks will hurt you more than help you!

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Small Batch Size

We teach students with batch sizes of around 20 to 25.
We have a good handle on how each student is following along with the class, and we help each student plan their preparation strategy to address their weaknesses and maximise on their strengths. Our faculty routinely stay back after class to discuss questions and doubts from the class and our other material. If you show us you are a fighter, then we'll get into the ring beside you and fight with you all the way.

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For availing Group discounts, CAT percentile based &
12th, 10th score based discounts


What You Get if You Prepare with 2IIM CAT Coaching in Chennai:

60 Core Classes

Every class starts from the utter basics - We will teach you what even numbers are before we start off with complex ideas in Number theory. We will tell you sum of 2 even numbers will be an even number. And then we build up to CAT level questions. We use custom designed content for all our classes.

Online CAT Coaching

2IIM's Online CAT Coaching Course is the best in the country. Own your CAT Preparation as you can access the course any time, access it anywhere and can prepare at your own pace. We offer slide-decks, videos, check-point quizzes and CAT-Level Tests. Cover all the topics in CAT Exam Syllabus from the basics.

Mock Test Series

Our mocks are the most representative of the actual exam in the industry. We take great effort to make sure every question is within the level tested in the CAT. We don't artificially inflate difficulty of questions. And we provide elaborate solutions to each question.

CAT Study Material

In addition to the theory classes, our students are given our Study Material, which covers the entire syllabus of the CAT and gives plenty of solved examples and practice questions. Having a good foundation is half the battle won. The other half is practice, practice and more practice!

Personal Mentorship

Because of our small batch sizes, we come to know our students very well. We work with you to analyse your mocks and help you identify strengths and weaknesses. We go the extra mile that no other CAT coaching does. As we've said before, if you show us you're prepared to go the extra mile, we will fight with you to help you crack the CAT.

Last-Mile Training

When the results are in and the calls start coming in, we'll push you for the last lap of preparation: the GD/PI/WAT stage. We conduct mock GDs and at least two mock interviews (more, if you need additional inputs). Along with WAT training, we'll also help you brush up on pressing current affair issues.

Student Reviews on our Classroom CAT Coaching in Chennai

  • I must be honest that it is the 2IIM program that really propelled my score from the first lazy attempt I made during college, where I had scored somewhere in the high 60's, to the present 98.67. The small batch sizes, work sheets, and the test series have worked in the best way for me...
    I would like to convey my appreciation to your team and their efforts, that has helped me come this far.

    Soumya Admit to IIM-Bangalore
  • Rajesh Balasubramanian will make your spirits soar with a 2 minute interaction. Rajesh pays individual attention to every student that he remembers every single student, their background, their plans etc. He also continually monitors student's progress and helps us get in to the right mode to study.

    Bharathwaj Admit to NITIE
  • Having been a student of another coaching center in the past (for Cat'11) I am in a position to know how 2IIM is unique. Firstly the smaller batch size offers personalised attention by the faculty to each student. The class handouts are excellent. Each question is discussed in depth in class. The faculty, needless to say, are exceptional...

    Jyothi Shankar Admits from IIM-L,K,I

CAT Preparation

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Everything you want to know about the exam : Structure, syllabus, duration, sections, TITA and anything else you might want to know.

How to prepare for CAT Exam?

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A More Flexible Option: Go Online

Technology is truly revolutionising the way people learn things, and CAT Preparation is evolving leaps and bounds every year. Imagine being able to prepare with a 100 percentiler while waiting for your bus. Combine this flexibility with personalised analytics and ask-me-anything facilities (among a dozen other remarkable features) and you'll realise that online CAT preparation has a lot to offer.