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Find out how we teach!

The next best thing to taking a demo class is looking at a few samples of how we teach. 2IIM believes in example lead instruction - after some very basic theory that you need to know, we build on every topic through solving questions. We teach all topics from scratch and build from the basics. Even in these videos, where we are dealing with fairly difficult questions, we try to link the solutions back to the basic ideas learnt in each topic.

This page gives you an idea of how we teach through examples. There are a number of questions that you can try your hand at, all within the difficulty range of the CAT. Try solving them yourself if you have some background knowledge, or play the video to watch Rajesh solve the question as he would in class!

Sample Questions

  1. Number System - Factors

    The sum of factors of a number is 124. What is the number?

  2. Algebra - Functions

    Consider set A with 'a' elements, set B with 'b' elements, set C with 'c' elements. We can define a function that is one-one but not onto from set A to set B, a function that is onto but not one-one from set B to set C; and a function that is injective but not surjective from C to A. Arrange a, b, c in ascending order.

  3. Algebra - Inequalities

    |x + 2| + | x - 3| + | x - 5| < 15, find the range of x that satisfies this inequality.

  4. Algebra - Inequalities

    How many positive integer values can x take that satisfy the inequality (x - 8) (x - 10) (x - 12) .............(x - 100) < 0?

  5. Arithmetic - Averages

    Consider a class of 40 students whose average weight is 40 kgs. 'm' new students join this class whose average weight is 'n' kgs. If m + n = 50, what is the maximum possible average of the class?